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Dumps wifes; injured son must come first

,,, his oldest, son, Chris, who also was in the Navy, based in Virginia Beach, was involved in an accident that paralyzed him from the neck down. About that time Williams’ own father had become ill, and so Williams bought ten acres of land at the edge of Elberta and built one house for Chris and a second home for his elderly parents. Soon they purchased another 5 acres.

When Chris was transferred to a Veteran’s facility in Tampa his father went with him and spent several months learning how to properly care for him.,,,, learn more … click on the photo..


Karen went to work in the clerk’s office at the Elberta town hall. When the people in what was to become Magnolia Falls in 2006 decided to incorporate as a town one of the new council members suggested Karen would make a fine town clerk, since she had worked as an assistant in that office for seven years in Elberta. She could, they decided, take on the assignment and do it well. read on photo…