The People of America


Restoring coal mining jobs in America is probably impossible

Will the Trump administration be able to put American coal miners back to work? It may be more than difficult; closer to impossible. … Jeff Hammond, a native of West Virginia has worked for the coal industry for much of his life. Most of time he has worked on the surface, not down in the dark deep, shafts. He is an electrician trained by the Navy. He has lung problems because coal was dumped in piles on the surface when miners brought it up from underground. Coal dust was constantly in the air, he says…. When the coal mines were shut down in their home state, Jeff and Patti Hammond left the ghost towns of West Virginia and moved to Tennessee… Click image to read more…

U.S. State Department holds lottery to bring individuals to America.

Basnet has been given a permanent U.S. green card that permits him to live and work in the United States for the rest of his life. It also provides him with a path to U.S.citizenship. The government also is paying for most of his college costs through FASA, the Federal Student Aid program.Those who qualify receive a grant of $5,815 annually.

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People who are Salt of the Earth in rural North Carolina

Betty Gentry and her husband, Judge Lloyd M, Gentry, live in a house built in the 1800s in this tiny community of Pelham, North Carolina. … enthusiastic about her job at the North Carolina Welcome Center because she is proud of the area and meets so many interesting people, including individuals from almost all the states and various parts of the world. … click on picture to read more.


If you need help near Orangeburg, South Carolina I can recommend Brantley’s Services of nearby St. Matthews. ,,, in seconds my battery was functioning and my engine turned on and began working as it should. That small device is far more effective than the much large chargers I have owned. And much less difficult to use than the jumper cables … Michel’s manner is one of kindness … click on picture to read more…

Never homeless if you are an entrepreneur

Because he trusts so completely in God’s care I wondered what church they attended. I asked if they were Baptists, a popular religion in the South, and he said “no” he and Phyllis simply depend on their Bible because it is the word of God. They find their answers there. … In time he worked on developing a device used to produced double pane windows, inserting aluminum into the butane rubber that was used to seal the windows. His machine turned out a 30 inch by 40 inch window every 17 seconds. … “The Lord gave us the ideas we needed. We knew we were to love others as He loved us. And that has led to our success.” to read more click on picture

Impressive mother and wife

So she has not only been foster mother to 58 infants, adopting 10, she also has launched two successful businesses, one to “get my husband off his knees,” the second to do something she enjoyed while being near her husband’s business when he needed her assistance. She is able to homeschool Alec in her store when business is slow. Alec puts in a longer school day than children in the public schools do, but he also learns to assist people. And he doesn’t seem to mind the long hours. click on picture fir full story..