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ORANGEBURG, S.C. – If you need help near Orangeburg, South Carolina I can recommend Brantley’s Services of nearby St. Matthews.


I like people who create their own small businesses. One doesn’t always have to spend four years in college to be successful or helpful to others.


I met Michael, of St. Matthews, S.C. on May 6. He has his own wrecker service. I asked him why he launched it ten years ago and he said he really likes helping people. I believe him. He is that kind of person.


He also added “And that’s where the Lord put me.” He also is clearly a man of faith.


Michael is an intelligent fellow with the right personality for the job. When people need a tow truck they often are in trouble, and sometimes may feel quite upset.



Michel’s manner is one of kindness. He speaks in caring, supportive tones. His customers undoubtedly feel they can trust him and count on him to do a professional job.


He has two adult daughters, one 21 the other 25, and when they were younger he often took one of them with him – even in the middle of the night – if he didn’t have to give a ride to the person calling him for help. Now she knows exactly what her dad does for a living. I’m confident she admires her father. Can your child say that? I hope so.


I had called AAA and they sent Michael when my new (used) motorhome battery failed because it was hot the day before and I had apparently run the air conditioner too long. The smaller motorhome that the trucker smashed works quite differently from my larger, more expensive replacement. I truly miss the one I lost to the speeding trucker’s careless mistake.


But I remain deeply grateful I walked away without a scratch, bump or bruise when the logging truck hit me.


Michael arrived where I was parked with a small device the size of ham sandwich, which he attached to my battery.  I thought he was playing a joke with his tiny PowerAll charger. Yet in seconds my battery was functioning and my engine turned on and began working as it should. That small device is far more effective than the much large chargers I have owned. And much less difficult to use than the jumper cables that you have to first clip to the battery of another motorist’s vehicle.


Michael says he charges his PowerAll with a cord plugged into the opening on his dash that people once used to light cigarettes. You can buy a PowerAll on Amazon for around $90.


This was an interesting day. As usual I learned more helpful things. One is never too old to learn. I can testify to that.


Hope you find these things helpful as well.


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