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SUMMERFIELD, FLORIDA – If you’re from out of state, driving an RV in Florida and need some repairs I can recommend David Hayhurst on US 27 in Summerfield, 16 miles south of Ocala. I’ve had some challenges with my 1999 used motorhome and David has knocked himself out to help me. (I’m not getting a discount for saying this).

My generator with a built in, automatic inverter is what I need to keep my computers and internet hot spot charged. That way, after traveling, stopping to interview people and take photos, I can spend the night in a Walmart parking lot to write. The replacement generator will cost me almost $5,000. My rig gets heavy use and there is a lot of the nation still to cover.

David and his wife are natives of the Belleview/Summerfield area. He is the youngest of eight children. He was trained at an RV school and worked for another shop for 13 years.  He then went to the local community college to get a degree in management before he went out on his own, then took out a second mortgage on his house to borrow enough to build the structures he needed for his shop, which has been open since 2003.

David and his wife have four children. The oldest is in college. Their second son is 20. His daughter, 16, is a special needs child. His youngest boy is six and attends a church charter school. David’s long term goal is to sell his business and move to Tennessee, which he describes as a “beautiful state.”  When it is 110 degrees in Florida the temperature is just 85 degrees where he wants to live, he explains. And he has nothing but praise for the friendly people who live north of Knoxville.

He will probably continue to repair RVs once his family gets there.

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