The People of America

Steve Bosley


Needmore, WV – Steve Bosley worked in Washington, DC as a contractor until the Muslim terrorists crashed a plane into the Pentagon. He was about a mile from the crash, and decided to leave as quickly as he could pack for a rural portion of West Virginia 15 miles from the town where he grew up. He knows the hills, the valleys and caves in the Needmore region and was convinced if there was another attack on the nation’s capital or the surrounding area he knew he could find a place to be safe.

“I know where to hide. I know how to survive. I was raised to survive, to live off the land,” Bosley explained.

Steve runs the Broken Spoke Bar and Grill and also sells real estate on the side. His wife still works for Homeland Security in Washington and commutes home on weekends. The Broken Spoke often draws the motorcycle crowd when they are on a group rides. Steve has ridden his own motorcycle “all over the country,” he notes.

A number of the Needmore residents commute to DC to work, as his wife does. Others have been employed at a chicken farm. Although the area looks as if would be ideal for raising sheep, with so many coyotes in the area farmers stick to cattle, Bosley said.

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